Research into Organic Design

This site called Research into Organic Design will grow in the future. Future subjects could be anthroposophical bookcover-design, biodynamic foodpackaging, organic typography and more... They are ment as a source for inspiration

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Imre Macovecz, hungarian architect
"I believe that the original intention of our architecture was to create an architectural connection between the sky and the earth, a connection which enlightens an expresses man's movement and position, to create a magic, weaving an invisible spell on its surroundings.

We try to summon up the architecture of a mythical era. Our aim is to counteract the subsensible spell of technical civilization using supersensible imaginative power." Imre Makovecz 1985

Here's some pictures of the work of Hungarian architect Imre Makovecz. All quotes in the following are by Imre Makovecz, not always spoken in relation to the buildings by which they are read.

Text and photos from the following books and magazines have been used:
Architectural Monographs: No 47; Imre Makovecz, The Wings of the Soul
Edwin Heatcote (Academy Editions 1997, Great Britain)
Seeking Structure from Nature, The Organic Architecture of Hungary
Jeffrey Cook (Birkhäuser 1996, Switzerland)
Balder No 3/4 1990
(Balders Förlag 1990, Sweden).




Pictures of the work of Imre Makovecz